With our competitive pricing we offer a 2 year warranty on posts that have been dug and set by us. This warranty is against frost jacking and/or upheaval.

We will happily arrange locates for phone, hydro, cable and gas at no charge.

Our main auger unit is a Bobcat MT52 with rubber tracks. This exerts a mere 5.2 psi of ground pressure to your lawn and driveway and can enter yards with openings as small as 35.6″ (90.4cm). We have the ability to bore both 9″ and 12″ standard post holes which will accommodate anything up to 6″x6″ lumber or large basketball net posts. We can always go larger upon request.

There are a few things that we’ll need from you to get our job done. A minimum access of 35.8″, as an example, a gate opening or space between houses. A water and hydro supply for a dig and set, to be able to mix the concrete. One other thing that we ask of you is to keep a close eye on the post hole after we’re done. We will not be held responsible for any holes left unattended.

We don’t just do fence posts, we’ll update the site as we come across odd jobs, but in the meantime don’t be shy to ask if you need a hole dug for a special purpose.